About Us

The Timeline of Spring Grove

  • Spring Grove Belgians late 1970’s – 1999:  Breeding and showing Belgian horses across North America. Entire business based on quality and strong work ethics.
  • Spring Grove Agri Limited early 1980’s – Present: Crop production and custom farm work. Success based on client satisfaction and service, sourcing and maintaining the best equipment, as well as innovation.
  • Spring Grove Hydro Excavation 2003 – Present:  Applying our “farm boy” work ethics, sourcing great people, and “Safety First, Efficiency Always”
  • Spring Grove Utility Services 2016 – Present : Formed with company merger and focused on growth, new skills and building.

In a quest for diversification from our cash crop enterprise in 2003 Spring Grove Agri Limited decided to sell corn and buy a Hydro Excavation truck. Before our Bank Manager even knew what we were up to, we purchased a used vac truck and completely refurbished it between Fall harvest and Spring planting. The plan was to operate it part-time in the “slower periods” on the farm.

We always knew the key to our success would be to have the right people in place prior to having the equipment. Our people-first mentality has remained a CORE value. We always ensure the right person is in place before adding to our always growing fleet.

Before our first year of business was completed we realized that this was not a part-time gig. So we lined up another great operator and decided add that second truck.

Fast track to 2016, and we are incredibly proud of what Spring Grove is today!

3 companies striving to be the best in our respective industries:

  1. Spring Grove Agri Limited is a growing business because of the dedication and overwhelmingly hard work of the third generation. They farm about 4,000 acres, have state-of-the-art farm equipment, started another business venture together and are always striving to do more, learn and adapt to quickly changing technology and opportunities.
  2. Spring Grove Hydro Excavation has a growing fleet of 9 Vac Trucks, 2 Stone Slingers, and a Vac Tender. Our personnel are more important then ever as we will always recognize the PEOPLE are who make the day-to-day business successful. And Spring Grove people are always striving to do more, learn and adapt to quickly changing technologies and opportunities.
  3. Spring Grove Utility Service has a growing fleet of 5 Directional Drills and skilled crews working on different projects throughout the GTA & East. Our drill teams are always gaining knowledge with all the new sites/soils they visit, sourcing new pieces of equipment to get the job done as efficient as possible & problem solving when the day isn’t going quite as planned.

Our Past, Present & Future Success is Owed to the Incredible People we are so Fortunate to Employ !