Spring Grove Hydro Excavation is committed to providing our customers with the safest, most efficient means of excavating in close proximity to buried underground utilities. We will accomplish this by arriving at the job site with proper work place training and safety equipment, highly efficient and well-maintained hydrovac excavation equipment and our farm boy work ethics.

Are you looking for safe, reliable, close proximity excavation? Call Spring Grove Hydro Excavation before you dig. Our independent owner/operators understand that solving your problems and satisfying your HydroVac needs is the key to both your success and theirs.

Spring Grove Truck


  • Improves productivity and safety
  • Avoid costly delays
  • Uses less labor force
  • Excavate frozen ground
  • Requires less restoration
  • It is non-destructive - protects the environment and minimizes repair costs
  • No damage to buried utilities
  • No hand digging


  • Oil and Gas Industry - pipeline trenching
  • Utility Sector - pole holes, exposing utilities and all types of lines
  • Construction - slot trenching for conduits and fencing, expose utilities before excavation begins, locate confirmation
  • Remote work - up to 300'
  • Frost cutting
  • Industrial dry vacuuming - debris removal e.g. Cement Plants

When you call Spring Grove you know you are getting the best crews and equipment available.

What is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro excavation is also called vacuum excavation, hydrovac, vac truck, potholing, hydro-digging, hydro-trenching , soft digging or sucker truck. The process uses pressurized water to break up the soil and a vacuum to remove the material to expose areas for repair or inspection; minimal material needs to be removed. Comparing this method with the larger and less accurate excavator or back-hoe buckets is safer, non-destructive and improves productivity. See our services and projects gallery.

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